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Blooming Watered
With the climate changing and water becoming scarcer, Hosepipe bans are coming in to force and water meters are being installed across the country. Therefore we all have to watch how much water we use and the garden is no acception.
Blooming High pride themselves on their revolutionary watering products for the garden, from planters with an internal watering system, to the new Blooming Watered which helps keep pots, trees and hanging baskets watered for longer. Fed up with water pouring over the edges of your baskets watering the floor, what a waste of water and money! Blooming Watered helps get the water direct to the roots where it is needed with a lot less waste.
Each Blooming Watered kit comes with 1 water retention tray, 2 watering tubes and 1 end cap. This is enough to use for 1 hanging basket and 1 medium plant pot or by putting the 2 tubes together with the end cap it can be used for 1 large plant pot or a tree.
Great for helping young trees establish and getting feed direct to the roots.