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Frequently Asked Questions
A) Work from the bottom (for best results use young plug plants) put some compost mixed with sharp sand (at the ratio of 1 part sharp sand mixed with 4 parts compost) in the bottom up to the first holes, then place 1 plant in each hole, add more mixed compost to the next level of holes add more plants and so on.

A) Simply pour water into the tube(s) supplied approximately 2 litres per planter per day should suffice depending on weather conditions. A good source of measure is an old 2L drink bottle held directly in the top of the watering tube.

A) Mix up your feed with water according to the manufacturers instructions and water as normal.

A) When your sections have been planted, simply put one on top of the other and drop into place. Each section has a rebated bottom and handles in the top; these are designed to sit in each other. Once stacked secure with the fixing kit supplied (universal fixings are supplied, it is up to you to make sure you use fixings suitable for your wall or fence).
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Q) Plant my Blooming High?
Q) Water my Blooming High?
Q) Feed my Blooming High?
Q) Stack my Blooming High?
Q) The plants?
A) Any good nursery or Garden Centre.

A) You can find a copy on our
download page
Q) The Blooming High Guide?
Q) The best time to plant?
A) Our pictures on this site have been taken in mid summer to show you how your planter will look providing the Blooming High Guide has been followed correctly.
Q) My planter look like the one in your picture?
A) The best time is at the beginning of the planting season (End of May) while small plants are still available. If there is still a risk of frost then measures should be taken to protect the plants, like putting them inside during the night.
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