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Blooming High comes in sections. One can be used free standing, or several can be stacked to create a tower. Each section is approximately 700mm / 27.6 inches high and 210mm / 8.3 inches diameter.(285mm / 11.2 inch from front to back when fitted with the watering tube). Each section has the capability of being stacked onto an additional section to enable height to be achieved.
Blooming High is just as easy to water with four sections stacked, as it would be with only one. Blooming High has been designed with a unique watering tube. All you need do is pour water/Liquid Food/ Liquid insecticide down the tube directly to the plants roots where it is needed most.
It is recommended that when sections are stacked, they should be secured to a wall or fence to avoid toppling over, If windy weather is expected then tie your hook to your eye as an added precaution.
It is recommended that the sections should be filled with a mix of: 1 part sharp sand to 4 parts compost For best results plant with the common Busy Lizzy (Impatiens) or winter pansy. (See article on facebook about diseases) The compost mix should be changed annually or each time the sections are re-planted. Every now and then feed with suitable insecticide to protect against grubs like vine weevil.
If you need to plant the container with larger plants, try using an old carrier bag torn and wrapped around the plant. Then feed the plant through the hole from the inside pushing the end of the bag through the hole. Then gently pull the bag through the hole taking care not to damage the plant inside the bag until the roots are up to the container then remove the bag. The plants may look stressed at first but will bounce back within a few days.
Take a plant, place it on a piece of old shopping bag with the roots overhanging
Fold the bag around the plant gently squeezing forming a tube like shape taking care not to damage the branches
Now feed the bag through the holes from the inside stopping at the root ball. Remove the bag.