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The blooming high container was a simple idea whilst looking at a drain pipe and a strawberry planter. Shelene then played around with some DIY materials at home and came up with a tall planter. Then she decided to make another to go on top and again. Her husband suggested it was fixed to the wall in case it fell in strong winds so he hooked them to the wall with a couple of cabin hooks. Once she decided to stack them up she needed a way to water the bottom ones, so along come the watering tube made again from DIY materials.
Our Story
The Idea
Lisa was very impressed with the results Shelene was having growing Busy Lizzy plants (Impatiens) in the tubular containers stacked at her street door. A patent application was made in 2003 to the patent office to secure the rights over our new design. Together Shelene and Lisa founded Blooming High Limited in 2004.
Blooming High was founded
Several prototype containers were built using DIY materials, they were planted up and distributed around the family to grow and monitor success. Some were planted in colour schemes some were mixed colours. We used other plants too, we even used fruit. Lots of interest was generated by passing people including the local mayor during the south east in bloom competition. In 2006 our patent was granted.
There have been several improvements by both Lisa and Shelene to the design over the years, each alteration needing a year to grow and test. Some final adjustments were made to the design in 2008 and in 2009 the final design of the Blooming High went to production.
Blooming High was exhibiting at the Glee in the NEC as well as appearing on TV several times on programs like Dragons Den, How To Win In The Den's The Idea and a Shopping Channel. Both Lisa and Shelene attend exhibitions and garden shows which prove to be very successful.